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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Yuko is an amazing host!
She was so hospitable and welcoming and all the people at her cafe are so friendly and nice as well!

it was definitely the highlight of my last trip to Japan!





Boca Raton, FL, USA


Yuko is a wonderful host!
She is so kind and helpful and will answer
any questions you have. She is the best.
Thank you so much for having me, hope to visit again!





Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


My friend and me we arrived in Japan and Yuko’s place was actually the first impression of that beautiful country. It was so much fun to stay there. There were always nice people around and we felt integrated right away. I wouldn't have changed this warm and welcoming arrival for anything. Thank you, Yuko, you were wonderful and we had a great time with you. I hope that you make it to Europe soon and I love to guide you around Berlin then!





London, United Kingdom


Yuko is very creative and full of ideas.
I had really good time in Osaka, also thanks her and her friends.
Yuko, thank U for takoyaki party and advices about my next destination :)




Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Yuko is a very busy and energetic person. She has a millions ideas in her head any given moment. We didn't spent that much time together but she made us feel very welcome and comfortable at her place. I wish you all the best Yuko with all your plans. Hope to host you on Europe:)




Heredia, Heredia, Costa Rica


Yuko was an awesome host and a wonderful, generous, kind and lovely woman. She hosted me for a few days in Osaka in a her amazing cafe & bar place and I had a great time with her. She organized some events in the evening, so I got to meet a lot of Japanese people and she would even cook for me for every breakfast, which was so kind of her. She welcomed me back and hosted me again when I missed my flight to Malaysia. I really appreciated her help and kindness. We shared good talks and I really enjoyed my time with Yuko. She is such an amazing person. Thank you so much for the stay and your lovely breakfasts with the beautiful view of Osaka castle. I hope to see you again very soon when I come back and work in Japan. All the best. Smiles and happiness. :) with much love!




Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany


Hi Yuko!
Guys, this person here is wonderful. I stayed at her place next to her bar for two nights and had a really great and fun time with her.




Uster, Zürich, Switzerland


I was traveling with a friend through Japan and we were so lucky that we had the chance to meet Yuko in Osaka. She let us stay for three nights in a room next to her pretty Cafe&Bar with an amazing view to the Osaka castle. There we met a lot of her friends and had funny and interesting conversations. Yuko also took her time to show us around and was always a big help for everything we needed. ありがとうございました





Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Yuko is a really nice person.  It was fun to hang out at day or night time in the coffee shop with her and her friends! :) Thank you very much for having us Yuko, you are always welcome to our house.






I don't know how to express my feeling during my stays at her place. She has a cool place next to the river where you can see the Osaka castle with it's beautiful light at night.  And above that I got the chance to meet and and interact with the local people cause she introduced me to every single person that came to her bar! They were all so nice, one of them even so kind to bought me sake from Osaka! ^^ I had a great chat and and spent wonderful time with Yuko san and all of her super friendly and cheerful customers and friends. After the bar closed, she took time to grabbed a magazine and showed me interesting place to visit in Osaka. Although I just stayed for 3 days at Cheers, but that was one of my best and new experience in my life! And I mean it!

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